Skin Perfect Spa Kit

Skin Perfect Spa Kit

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 Skin- Perfect Spa Deets:

This spa kit is Kim’s top picks for ridiculously soft, addictive skin! Give your skin the ultimate treatment with these body-firming ingredients without the pricey trip to a five-star spa. This kit includes the Luxurious Toning oil, Firming lotion and purifying masque to rejuvenate and refresh yourself from head to toe.


Bring home the spa and recharge your skin after a non-stop week. This kit targets dehydrated, aging skin to guide you to your desired Hollywood look. Firstly, the firming lotion is a must when it comes to reducing noticeable blemishes and stretch marks on the body. Next, the Luxurious Toning Oil, the hydration station! Improve the texture of your skin and give it that extra “UMMPH” you need to subtract a few years off. End your day with the deepest cleanse using our Purifying Masque. A perfect combo for your at-home spa treatment.

Skin-Saving Fun Facts:

All Kashmere products are tested by prestigious, board certified dermatologists to ensure purity and non-irritability. All Kashmere products are manufactured in FDA-approved U.S. laboratories. 

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What it is formulated WITHOUT:

Parabens, harsh chemicals, and other "nasties"

Mineral Oil

The 411 on Kim's Beauty BFFs:

The Body- Beautifying Firming lotion, Luxurious Toning Oil, and Purifying Masque are Kim’s secret to vibrant skin. She has Hollywood obsessed with this combo, especially when it comes to discovering the fountain of youth!


In the morning, apply a thin layer of the purifying masque and relax while it works its magic. As the masque morphs into your skin and dries dirty toxins, enhance your radiance with the firming lotion. Her Firming Lotion is a great start to a morning for vital nutrients for elastic skin! Massage the firming lotion in problem areas like thighs or tummy.  Her before-bedtime, sexy skin secret is slathering on the Luxurious Toning Oil on and waking up to smoother, softer, more deliciously supple skin.