Lava Stone Bracelet (White)

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Kashmere White Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet

Looking for a way to combine a beautiful bracelet with the ability to use your essential oils? The Kashmere Lava Stone Bracelet is the perfect way to diffuse your favorite essential oil and enjoy the benefits all day long.

Bundle and Save 25%:

Since your oil scents can last up to 3 days, you may find yourself wanting a new scent before it expires or maybe you just want to change up your style. With multiple bracelets, you will be able to swap out bracelets to coordinate with each ever-changing emotion and fashion statement. Feeling stressed? Just put on your lavender scented bracelet. Need a pick-me-up during the day? Swap out lavender for your energizing peppermint scented bracelet. Having options is always a good thing and the best part is that when you bundle 2 bracelets, whether it’s two of the same or one in each style, you receive 25% OFF! Take advantage of these instant savings!

Brag-Worthy Beauty Benefits:

Lava stone helps to center our bodies and creates a pathway which energy flows through. Wear this bracelet to help you feel grounded while enjoying the amazing benefits of your essential oils.


To use your Kashmere Essential Oils on your lava stone bracelet, simply place several drops on the white lava stones and allow to quickly dry.

Place bracelet on your wrist and you are ready to enjoy your beautiful bracelet, as well as your essential oils, which can last up to 3 days on the lava stones.

Product Details

This stretch bracelet is made with 8mm white lava beads and includes the signature Kashmere colored stones. Unisex bracelet stretches to fit almost any size. For women, men and older children.